Entitlement to attend and registration

Shareholders registered in the list of Company shareholders maintained by Euroclear Finland Oy on the record date of Thursday, 1 April 2010 shall be entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting. A shareholder with shares registered in his or her own Finnish book-entry account is automatically registered in the list of Company shareholders.

A shareholder wanting to attend the AGM should make his or her wish known to the Company by 4.00 pm EET on 9 April 2010 at the latest. Shareholders can register for the AGM:

a. Via the Company website, www.nesteoil.com, following the instructions detailed there, or
b. By e-mail, via nesteoil.yhtiokokous@yhteyspalvelut.elisa.fi,  or
c. By phone, on +358 10 458 9595 (Monday-Friday, 7.30 am – 6.00 pm EET), or
d. By fax, on +358 10 458 5440, or
e. By letter, addressed to Neste Oil Corporation, Marja Telenius, POB 95, 00095 NESTE OIL.

When registering, shareholders should provide their name, personal identification number, address, telephone number, and the name of a possible assistant or proxy representative and the personal identification number of a proxy representative. All personal data provided to Neste Oil Corporation will only be used for the purposes of the AGM and in connection with processing of the necessary registrations relating to the meeting.

A shareholder attending the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled under Chapter 5, Section 25 of the Companies Act to present questions to the meeting on the matters listed in the agenda-