Where is Neste Oil listed?

Neste Oil shares are listed on the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange under the symbol NES1V. The company is not listed elsewhere, nor does it operate an ADR program. For more information about the share, go to Share pages.


How does Neste Oil define its comparable operating profit?

Neste Oil applies IFRS accounting principles and reports its operating profit under these standards. Crude oil and petroleum product price increases accumulate into inventory gains and are booked in the Income Statement under IFRS. Some oil and freight derivatives are valued at their market value at the end of the reporting period, and the change in the value of these derivative positions are booked in the Income Statement. The two items mentioned above are non-cash items and are not included in the Cash Flow Statement. Capital gains are excluded from the operating profit. The comparable operating profit shows the performance of Neste Oil´s actual business operations and profitability.  


What is the free float of the share?

The free float is 49.9%.
The Finnish state holds 50.1% of the 256,403,686 shares outstanding. For more about shareholders, go to Share pages.


Is the Finnish State represented on the Management Team or the Board of Directors?

The Finnish State does not have representative on the Board of Directors nor the management team. Read more about the members of the Management and the Board of Directors.


Does Neste Oil have a share buy-back program?

Neste Oil does not have a share buy-back program at the moment.


What is Neste Oil´s dividend policy?


We pay an annual dividend that is at least one third of our comparable net profit.


Have you disclosed any financial targets?


Neste Oil has announced two financial targets. We have stated that we are committed to a leverage ratio of between 25% and 50% and our long-term target for return on average capital employed after tax (ROACE) is least 15%.


What business is Nynäs in?


Nynäs Petroleum is a Swedish oil company that specializes in bitumen and naphthenic specialty oils. Neste Oil´s share of the company´s profits are accounted for using the equity method in the Other segment. Nynäs is owned by Neste Oil and the Venezuelan national oil company Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. To learn more, visit the Nynäs web site.




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Where are Neste Oil's refineries located?

Neste Oil has two refineries in southern Finland. The larger of these, at Porvoo, is located east of Helsinki, and the other, at Naantali, is on the southwest coast. Neste Oil also has major renewable diesel plants in Singapore and in Rotterdam. To learn more about the refineries and other production plants globally, click here.


What is the capacity of these refineries?

Neste Oil´s refineries have a total crude distillation capacity of 260,000 barrels a day and a total output some 14.5 million tons a year. Porvoo's figures are 205,000 bbl/d and 11.5 Mt/a and Naantali's 56,000 bbl/d and 3Mt/a. The Singapore and Rotterdam refineries' capacity is 800,000 tons/a each.

Is there a crude oil pipeline from Russia to the refineries?

No. The company currently sources its crude oil and other feedstocks from Russia, other CIS countries,and the North Sea. The bulk of crude oil and other feedstocks is imported by ship, with smaller volumes coming by rail from Russia.


Why is the diesel line 4 at Porvoo so important?


The line, thatcost some EUR 750 million and was completed in summer 2007, is capable of converting heavy fuel oil into 1 million tons of diesel annually. 


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What is this all about?


Renewable fuels is are an important area of major growth for us , thanks to our cutting-edge technology in renewable diesel and increasing demand for biofuels.


What is NEXBTL?

NEXBTL is an advanced renewable diesel production technology that has beed developed by Neste Oil. NEXBTL technology allows us to use a flexible range of feedstocks and to produce premium-quality diesel fuel. The first NEXBTL plant was completed at Porvoo in summer 2007 with a capacity of 190,000 tons/a, the second at Porvoo in summer 2009 with same capacity. The Singapore and Rotterdam refineries' NEXBTL capasity is 800,000 tons/a each. Read more about renewable diesel.


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What is Oil Retail´s strategic role?


Oil Retail provides healthy cash flow and returns that help Neste Oil move ahead with its strategy. The business area gives Neste Oil an excellent point of contact with end-users and an in-house channel for launching new products.